At Villagers in West Asheville on Wednesday, 11/14/18, 6:30-8:30pm

The Acornucopia Project has been coming up with creative new spins on the ancient native nuts that bless our woodlands. What would a world look like if we derived the four basic commodities of “grain”, oil, “dairy” and “meat” from perennial native trees? Could it look like acorn crackers? hickory oil chestnuts fritters? walnut cheese? hazelnut charcuterie? What we eat creates the world in which we live.

As the season’s light dims, many cultures focus on trees as the symbol of the abundance of life and rebirth. By mid November the tree nuts will have been gathered and cured, and we move into the season where we gather with friends and loved ones to give thanks for the abundance, and dream about how to cure the woes of the world. The Acornucopia Project is a decentralized network of nut trees, foragers, foodies, people concerned about their health, the health of their community, and the health of the environment and this is an invitation to dream big with us.

Let’s share all this abundance over a discussion of how working together promises to transform us from a world of corporations into a world of cooperation. Let’s revive and reboot the ancient village cooperation of foraging, processing and marketing of open source wild foods, and make good, wholesome, nutritional, perennial foods accessible.

$10 per person. Includes a $10 voucher for Acornucopia products (to be redeemed at the door). Please register in advance. Admission will be $20 at the door.

Register here at the Villagers website.

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