Nut Tree Treasure Map!

Wondering where to find nuts to harvest?

Have a great grove of trees you want to share?

Want to mark some trees you found that aren’t making a crop this year?

Check this out:  a collaborative treasure map! Add your trees or find ones in your area!

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Nut Season 2018!

The Nuttery at Smith Mill Works in launching this Sunday, 9/16 at noon!

Our hours will be:

12pm – 3pm on Sundays

5:30pm to 7pm on Wednesday

Read all about how to get nuts with us here, on our page dedicated to the project.

It’s likely Hurricane Florence is going to cause lots of windfall and maybe even wash lots of nuts away. The time to get squirrelly is now!

We’ll be at Villagers this Sunday, 5:30 to 7:30 to talk through the ins and outs of foraging nuts (and perhaps even go on a foray), and at Smith Mill Works next Wednesday evening doing the same thing. 

greg picking up chestnuts

The mast is fast, pick ’em quick!


Nut Tree Identification and Foraging Class at Villagers // 9.16.18, 5:30-7:30pm

It’s shaping up to be a fruitful nut season! Come learn how to get in on the foraging fun.

We’re continuing to explore this concept of a cooperatively run nut processing facility that could be the engine of a thriving regional tree crop economy. After last year’s first go at it, we learned a lot and are working to make the whole Acornucopia process, from tree to table, even more fun and enticing for everyone involved.

Acornucopia Project

Here’s the event on Facebook:

Here’s where you can register:

09.16.18 // What's Nuts? Tree ID and Foraging with Tom Celona // 5:30-7:30pm

The Acornucopia Project is gearing up for the fall foraging season! We’re trying to get as many nuts as possible by educating people on how to ID nut trees, understanding which ones can be profitably foraged, and how to care for the nuts post-harvest. In this class, Tom Celona, of the Nutty Buddy Collective, will illustrate the diversity of the native nut trees we have in WNC, their many uses, value, simple tools needed, efficient harvesting techniques, and what to do with them afterward. After the class, weather and nuts permitting, Tom will lead a foraging foray and we will gather nuts from trees in town. He will buy them from you on the spot, meaning that you could walk away from this class with money in hand and a voucher for more product! Imagine getting paid to take a class?

$10-20 per person, sliding scale. Includes $10 voucher for Acornucopia Project products.

Tom Celona is a community fruit and nut enthusiast who has been involved in growing food in public spaces for 8 years. He is one of the founding members of the Nutty Buddy Collective, a Nut and Fruit growing orchard business that works with landowners, creating long term agreements to produce local perennial food. The Nutty Buddy Collective is now growing a local Nuttery, where local harvesters can sell or trade their nuts to be processed.

**This Fall the Acornucopia Project is buying Acorns, Hickories, walnuts, chestnuts, and hazels so come out and learn which ones can give you the most return bringing nutritious local food back to our community. Let’s start rebuilding a world that is completely nuts.

A weekend of doing a whole lotta nuttin’

Brainstorming workshops on the next steps we can take 

to develop a new culture of small regional nut processing facilities together.


The Quaker Oaks Tree Crop conference 

is going to be held in 

Blacksburg, Va September 14-16th

Come join the Acornucopia I-81 nut parade as we gather in Blacksburg for a camp out weekend focused on a collaboration of developing small regional nutteries. Asheville, Johnson City, Abingdon, Wytheville, Blacksburg, Roanoke, Lexington, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, and all their satellite communities are all along this major artery and we could be working together to create a new economy base around perennial tree crops supporting our local economies.

Weekend passes here- 30.00: 

A group campsite has been reserved at Boley Field just outside of Blacksburg in the Jefferson National Forest. Its is a beautiful location with lots of bike trails to explore. Tabla Rasa Restaurant will be catering  dinner Saturday night with awesome local organic food, and there will be potluck meals the rest of the weekend where food preparation is an exercise and a metaphor for sharing, creative collaboration, and working with what we have to feed everyone.

Just as the idea of cooking for 50 people is daunting, getting nuts from wild trees and creating food (Mast to mouth) is just too hard for individuals to take on as there are so many aspects to it. For the last 2 million years humans have worked together every Fall to reap the abundant harvests of the trees around them. Relying on each other is how we evolved to be human. Acornucopia is a  coalescence  of people who envision a world of mutually beneficial cooperatives. First we must gather and define a vision that is relevant for ourselves and our communities, and then see what talents people have to contribute. Needed are foragers, “nutworkers”, mechanics and tinkerers, marketers, teachers, artists, leaders, followers, nutritionists, computer savvy folks, cooks, value added entrepreneurs….. We have yet to find someone whose skills couldnt be utilized for getting highly nutritious nuts to the people who so badly are in need of them!

At the beginning of nut fall we will gather over the course of the third weekend in September 

and figure out what is the next step towards capturing this abundant resource that falls around us

The agenda will loosely be as follows:

1.) Learning which are the high value native nuts crops and identifying the trees they come from

2,) Scouting for these trees and what to look for when harvesting

3.) Techniques in gathering nuts, curing and getting to a hub/ processor

4.) Setting up a nut hub where nuts can be stabilized and safely held

If time and interest allows:

1.) Cooking with nuts/ what can be made from nuts

2.) Building markets for products

3.) “Show and smell”- sampling nuts, oils , flours, nut cheeses, etc

4.) Scaling up processing with efficient tools

5.) Completely nuts Talent show

6.) Mead Circle

7.) (???)

Within this framework we will gather in groups to discuss how to begin interfacing our communities with one another in supportive ways for a mutual goal. 

E.g. People who are tinkerers may gather around equipment development for curing nuts and processing, foragers may organize community forays, food people may gather with marketers and brainstorm about new product development, computer folks may get excited about developing foraging software aps, on and on…

…and you are needed.

This is going to fun, homespun, and s%^t is gonna get done.

Come as you are, come as you like , come and let’s go nuts

Tickets can be got:

For more info go to :


Seeking a new space

The Acornucopia/Nutty Buddy Collective are looking for a new space to set up our processing facility. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • within 10-15 of downtown Asheville
  • short or longer-term rental/lease options
  • existing commercial kitchen space is ideal, will consider a space that could be developed as a kitchen
  • ample parking lot/driveway for taking deliveries from foragers
  • move in as soon as possible, ideally no later than September 1st

If you have any leads or ideas, please send us a message:

Thank you!

P.S. start looking closely at the nut trees in your area- by this time of year, you can start to get a sense of which trees are going to be bearing a decent crop this season. We’ll be putting word out soon of our purchasing prices for acorns and bitternut hickories and our processing trade offer for black walnuts and other nuts.

nuts this way

Where do I bring all these nuts?

Join us for Acorn Tacos and May Day in the Orchard

Orchard May Day Blessing and Potluck Acorn Taco Picnic

This Sunday, April 29th in Leicester, NC the Nutty Buddy Collective will be hosting our annual blessing and picnic. This will be our fifth year of growing native nut and fruit trees on our leased land outside of Asheville. We like to open up the orchards to people of the community to come and see what it is we are doing and passionate about, and to enjoy this magical spot between two pristine creeks. Every year we get a little closer to our dream of creating a viable model of regenerative perennial agriculture and are so grateful for the opportunity to do so. Send a message to us at to RSVP.


RSVP for location

Flow of the day:

9:00 – Biodynamic Blessing of the orchard. We will be swirling up some biodynamic brew and would love to shower you all with celestial vitality as we apply it to the land that supports our trees.

Between the blessing and the picnic there will be some simple spring care of trees lead by Bill

12:00 – Lunch gathering Potluck featuring home grown, homemade Acorn Masa tacos. Please bring some ingredients that would go well in a taco, a salad or desert.

1:30 – After lunch there will be a tour and update of our orchard projects. We will have nut products for sale whose proceeds go towards financing our project.

What to bring:

A contribution to the potluck

Pants, long socks, etc. for walking around in the orchards (we don’t mow until June after the ground nesting birds have flown)

A plate and cup for yourself

Water bottle (we’ll also have drinking water available)

Picnic blanket and/or camping chair (we’ll also provide some of these)

Treely Yours,

The Nutty Buddy CollectiveIMG_20180410_155714474.jpg

Nutty Buddy Collective ::: community-supported perennial agriculture

Updates for Spring 2018

We’ve got a handful of events in the coming months. These are opportunities to purchase nut oils, learn about native nuts, and find out how you can join in the fun.


  • Organic Grower’s School, March 10 & 11, Asheville, NC.
    We’ll have a vendor booth and Bill will be presenting on Native Nuts
  • May Day in the Orchard, April 29, Leicester, NC 1:00 – 4:00pm.
    Join us in the orchards for a community work day, picnic and open orchard tour. Come visit our beautiful orchards in their 5th year, meet friends, and learn about our vision.

  • Circus Quercus Spring Tour
    • March 15th – Charlottesville, Va, Farfields Farm
      Did you know the Bible was nuts? Native nuts and the Bible
    • March 16th – Harrisonburg, Va, Edith J. Carrier Arboretum
      “Do you know yer nuts?”, half day workshop training 1:00 – 5:00, familiarizing with native nuts, processing, their uses, and economic potential.
      Evening program 6:00 – 7:30 – “Waste nut Want Nut” sharing the vision of a Nutopia
    • March 17 & 18 – Harrisonburg, Va, The Vine and Fig presents
      Fruit and Nut School – two full days of horticultural training centered around low maintenance fruit and nut orchards. Orchard layout, pruning, grafting and cloning around


And stay tuned for more announcements to come. Join our email list to receive our newsletter and stay in the loop.