Nuttery and Nut Foraging Workshop 11/7

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Hickories, Black Walnuts (yes, they’re more than just yard debris and hazardous tree bombs), Chestnuts, Hazelnuts, Pecans, and Acorns of all shapes and sizes, oh my!
You haven’t tasted anything until you’ve tried the robust, earthy flavor of a freshly pressed nut oil.

Join the Nutty Buddy Collective at The Nuttery at Smith Mill Works as we educate about how to forage for this wild treasure trove crop in your own backyard and what you can do with the nuts after you’ve collected them. Come learn more about their work and how you can get involved through Acornucopia Project.

What’s nuts is the idea that we can begin to transition to perennially plant based diets utilizing the beautiful native hardwood trees that make our environment so enjoyable. The Acornucopia Project is trying to get as many nuts as possible. The A.P. is a worker owned cooperative, and to cooperate with these workers is as easy as learning how to I.D. nut trees, observing them, knowing which trees can be profitably foraged, and how to care for the nuts post harvest.

In this class members of the Collective will illustrate the diversity of native nut trees we have, their many uses, value, simple tools and techniques needed for efficient harvesting, and what to do with them afterwards. After the class, we can take a short tour of our nut processing facility and you will leave with a $10.00 voucher you can cash-in for some fresh nut products and the capacity to have a supplemental income foraging for nuts. So come out and learn which ones can give you the most return bringing nutritious local food back to our community.

Let’s start rebuilding a world that is completely nuts!

There is a sliding scale fee for this class: $10.00 to $20.00
All proceeds go to help fun the efforts of Acornucopia project
Participants will get to take home a voucher good for 1 small bottle of wild nut oil (a $10.00 value) to be cashed in once this year’s crop starts getting processed in coming weeks.
Class is open to all ages – Children ages 12 and under are free.

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