Meet the Buddies

The Nutty Buddy Collective is:

Bill Whipple nursery promo photo

Bill Whipple began his agricultural career at the age of 18 picking apples in Washington state and later picked 5 subsequent seasons. In 1983 he earned a one year degree in agriculture from Sterling College and homesteaded in West Virginia where he has been commercially growing chemical free pears for 28 years. From Barkslip’s Fruit School he founded the Buncombe Fruit Nut club whose primary objective is to advocate and rally support for for community orchards in public parks. He implemented two edible parks- one at West Asheville Park and the other in North Asheville at the “Flint/ Magnolia park”, and has helped maintain all the Edible Parks in Asheville for the last 12 years. After attending a Northern Nut Grower’s association national meeting he became a nut passionado and from all these confluences the Nutty Buddy Collective has formed.

He leads Barkslip’s Fruit School, teaching the public how to care for fruit and nut trees.  He also offers his services to the private sector as a consultant and lecturer, using his 20 years of agricultural experience and permaculture training to help people live more abundantly and harmoniously with their environment.

 Justin Holt DSCN1743, when not Nutty Buddying, can usually be found in a kudzu patch (check out, a community orchard (with the Buncombe Fruit and Nut Club), guiding wild foods tours (with No Taste Like Home), or processing wild foraged nuts (at the Asheville Nuttery)





Greg Mosser grew up in his family’s orchard and garden and surrounding countryside and later earned a B.S. in Biology in the pursuit of spending more time in the woods. He got the bug to study perennial foodcrops and systems in about 2005 and has been involved with the public plantings in Asheville since 2010. He’s a big fan of perennial vegetables, root and tuber crops of all kinds, and tree crops.

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