Join us for the Carnival of Nuts – a fundraiser for nut processing equipment

Come one, come all, to the Carnival of Nuts!

Join us in celebration of those marvelous, hard-shelled fruits so generously raining down upon our yards and streets, and to contribute to the Nutty Buddy Collective’s effort to bring our native tree crops to market. This is a fundraiser to help the NBC purchase commercial-scale native nut processing equipment. Learn more and donate at:

Sunday, November 20th, 2016
4pm – 8pm
Toy Boat Community Art Space (101 Fairview Rd, Asheville, NC 28803)

All ages are welcome – fun kid activities from 4 – 6pm.

A $10 minimum donation for entry gets you 1 bag of tokens to spend on food, games, and fun. Under 12 free from 4-6pm.
The Carnival will include:
* A nut featured dinner prepared by guest chefs from Blacksburg, VA
* Nutty treats from French Broad Chocolates, OWL Bakery, Vortex Doughnuts, The Hop Ice Cream, and others featuring black walnuts, hickory nuts, chestnuts, and acorns.
* Chestnut Beer crafted by a local brewer (gluten free!)
* A high-flying Aerial Squirrel performance and flying squirrel activity for kids
* A variety of kids activities, including Nut Putt Putt, Nut Pie and Cake Walks, a Nut Scavenger Hunt, Piñuta, and Nut Cracking for Kids
* Info and demonstrations, including Nut Milking Stall and Nut Oil Pressing
* Osker and Amber of Glorious Forest Farms will be offering wild nut treats and information
* Silent Auction items, including a Wild Foods Hike with No Taste Like Home  and gift certificates to local businesses
* Guest speakers including Bob Stehli (president of NNGA) on the economics of nuts, Cathy Cleary (co-founder of West End Bakery) with a squirrel cooking demonstration, Chuck Marsh (Useful Plants Nursery and Living System Design) on land access, and Gabi White (Fruit Nut Extraordinaire) with some squirrrelly tall tales.
Nuts are some of the most nutritious and delicious foods to grace this good earth, and the Nutty Buddy Collective is committed to bringing them to your table. That’s why we’ve been working over the past three years to form long-term lease agreements and to plant diverse nut-centered orchards. And now we’re looking for your help: we are raising funds to purchase nut processing equipment. A large, powerful cracker that can bust up walnut and hickory shells at a fast rate is the linchpin of a nut processing system. Dehulling, drying, and separating machines will also be necessary.
Your donations will help us purchase the equipment necessary to move niche crops like black walnut and hickories toward the central place they deserve on our farms and in our regional cuisine. Our fundraising goal is $10,000 dollars. This equipment will also serve as a community resource, allowing NBC to provide cracking services and to buy nuts from homeowners and foragers.


In the shade of trees that have been bearing food for nearly 4 decades, the Nutty Buddy Collective with Greg Miller of Route 9 Chestnut Cooperative.

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