Mulberry – Morus species

Mulberry is one of our favorite tree crops. Mulberry’s yields and attributes include deliciously sweet fruits, highly nutritious edible leaves, excellent livestock fodder, strong bast fibers, very vigorous response to pruning (we recommend managing mulberry by coppice or pollard), wide adaptability to soil types and climatic conditions.

We are currently offering 2 varieties:

  • ‘Illinois Everbearing’ – Morus alba x rubra – 6 to 8 weeks of fruit bearing in June. Will reach 35′ to 40′ at maturity if not coppiced. Self-fertile.
  • ‘Silk Hope’ – Morus alba x rubra – a North Carolina selection made by NAFEX mulberry specialist A.J, Bullard. 6 to 8 weeks of bearing beginning in May. Self-fertile.