Mulberry – Morus species

Mulberry is one of our favorite tree crops. Mulberry’s yields and attributes include deliciously sweet fruits, highly nutritious edible leaves, excellent livestock fodder, strong bast fibers, a very vigorous response to pruning (we recommend managing mulberry by coppice or pollard), and wide adaptability to soil types and climatic conditions. Below are the varieties we currently offer:

Illinois Everbearing
Morus alba x rubra – 6 to 8 weeks of fruit bearing in June. Will reach 35′ to 40′ at maturity if not coppiced. Self-fertile.

Silk Hope
Morus alba x rubra – a North Carolina selection made by NAFEX mulberry specialist A.J, Bullard. 6 to 8 weeks of bearing beginning in May. Self-fertile.

Productive, flavorful, medium-sized black fruit. A selection of Morus alba. Self-fertile.


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