Apple – Malus species

We’re currently offering trees of the varieties listed below. We offer grafting services of a great many more varieties. If you don’t see what you’d like to grow here, contact us to discuss our custom grafting services:

We two sizes of tree: $25 for branchless ‘whips’ and $40 for branched trees over 6′ tall. All trees are grown in field beds rather than in pots and have well-developed root systems. Order trees now and we will dig and package them for pickup in West Asheville in late November/early December.

Cherryville Black
Early North Carolina apple, discovered by Southern apple collector Lee Calhoun. Crisp, juicy, white flesh, best for fresh eating. Ripens July and August SOLD OUT

Pomme Gris
Unique looking antique apple with greenish-grey russet skin. Floral, crisp, juicy, fresh eating apple. Ripens in September. A French variety, perhaps from as early as the late 1700’s. Good overall diseases resistance. SOLD OUT

Grimes Golden
A beautiful, golden Southern heirloom variety listed among apple collector and author Tom Burford’s top twenty dessert apples. Late season ripening. Fairly resistant to the significant apple diseases, particularly Cedar Apple Rust. It’s thought to be a parent of the famous Golden Delicious. 

Hewes Crab
This old American cider apple,  a favorite of Thomas Jefferson, was a staple of the cider industry during the 1800’s. Unique, medium-small orange-tinged fruit. Ripens September.SOLD OUT

Brushy Mountain Limbertwig
An interesting dessert apple originating in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  Tree tree has a weeping form. The fruit, ripe in October, is crispy, aromatic, and keeps well. Red skinned apple with slight russetting. SOLD OUT

Magnum Bonum
Often spoken of as the best Southern apple. Originating in North Carolina in the early 1800’s, this apple is well to life in the South. An excellent dessert apple. Ripens September.SOLD OUT

Red Streak
An old English bittersweet cider apple originating in the early 1600’s. Has a reputation as being the best cider apple in England, and cider made from this apple was valued as highly as the finest imported wines. Very late season ripening.SOLD OUT