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An incredible Carnival


Franz Kafka apparently said once that ‘God gives the nuts, but does not crack them’

Since the divine gift of nuts doesn’t come pre-cracked, we’re calling on our community to help us set up a commercial-scale nut processing facility. And we’re filled with gratitude at how many fine folks have stepped up to contribute to the cause. Yesterday afternoon, we kicked off our fundraising campaign with an incredibly fun and delicious Carnival of Nuts. ┬áNearly 200 people came out to learn about our native nut crops and the Nutty Buddy Collective’s work, to sip on locally-brewed chestnut beer and toasted pecan hot cocoa, to play nutty carnival games, to chow down on delicious treats of all kinds.

If you missed the Carnival, that’s OK – you can still chip via our GoFundMe campaign

We would like to extend our deep, tap-rooted gratitude to the following people and businesses who helped make the event a success by donating time, talents, creativity, foods, and/or money:

More to come soon about the Carnival, the fundraiser and other nuttiness..