In the media

Audio A conversation with Bill from November 2016 on WPVM’s Wild Heart A discussion with the Buddies from January 2017 on Asheville FM’s Outside Voices Justin in conversation with Robert Eidus on his radio show Plants and Their Friends   Articles The mighty acorn: Some believe the wild nut is WNC’s food of the future – Mountain Xpress […]


Mulberry – Morus species Mulberry is one of our favorite tree crops. Mulberry’s yields and attributes include deliciously sweet fruits, highly nutritious edible leaves, excellent livestock fodder, strong bast fibers, a very vigorous response to pruning (we recommend managing mulberry by coppice or pollard), and wide adaptability to soil types and climatic conditions. Below are the varieties […]


Apple – Malus species We’re currently offering trees of the varieties listed below. We offer grafting services of a great many more varieties. If you don’t see what you’d like to grow here, contact us to discuss our custom grafting services: We two sizes of tree: $25 for branchless ‘whips’ and $40 for branched trees […]


We’re passionate about helping people grow more food on trees. We are available for: Consultation: we can help you choose what to grow, where to grow it, and how to help it thrive Pruning: pruning is just about the most important thing you can do for your trees to succeed, both in early summer and […]

Getting crackin’ thanks to you!

Late last summer,  with two 99-year leases in place and our young nut & fruit trees slowly and steadily growing into abundant orchards, we decided it was time to start developing our processing facility. Growing the black walnuts, acorns, hickories, chestnuts, hazelnuts, cider pears and apples, aronia berries, and pawpaws is one thing (or, actually, it’s many […]


‘When it rains, it pours’ could not hold any truer than with acorns. Without apparent reason other than fall, they just seem to be all over the ground and then they slowly disappear again. It’s one of those magical cycles that come and go with little fanfare and mostly annoyance by the human race. It […]

An incredible Carnival

  Franz Kafka apparently said once that ‘God gives the nuts, but does not crack them’ Since the divine gift of nuts doesn’t come pre-cracked, we’re calling on our community to help us set up a commercial-scale nut processing facility. And we’re filled with gratitude at how many fine folks have stepped up to contribute […]