May Day Picnic in the Orchard + Spring Biodynamic Orchard Blessing + Opportunity to Earn Nutty Buddy Bux

Join us for a May Day Picnic Potluck in the Orchard on Sunday, April 30th in Leicester, NC  Please RSVP for details and directions to Half way between equinox and summer solstice is the cross quarter day of May 1st which symbolizes the height of green grass and high tides of fertility and promise for a fruitful […]

Nutty Buddy Nursery

The Nutty Buddy Nursery is not actively retailing plants. We do keep some trees in our nursery inventory, so send a message if you’re looking for fruit and nut trees and we will respond with our current availability: In the meantime, keep up to date by signing up for our mailing list or following […]

Mulberry Madness

Mulberry trees in the U.S. are often treated as an annoyance that stains the driveway and our kitchen floors. Mulberry maniacs know that mulberries are one of the top 5 most important Permaculture perennials in the southeast U.S. Mulberries provide a staple food in the Himalayas, where dried white mulberries are ground into nourishing baking […]

In Praise of Pruning

We’re in late winter now and it’s high time to get up into the canopy of your fruit and nut trees and give them their seasonal spruce up. A judicious pruning is probably the best thing you can do to keep fruit trees healthy and productive. The Nutty Buddy Collective is offering pruning, grafting, and […]


At Villagers in West Asheville on Wednesday, 11/14/18, 6:30-8:30pm The Acornucopia Project has been coming up with creative new spins on the ancient native nuts that bless our woodlands. What would a world look like if we derived the four basic commodities of “grain”, oil, “dairy” and “meat” from perennial native trees? Could it look […]


Introduction The chestnut you’ll encounter in our area are likely Chinese chestnuts. They’re cousins to the storied American chestnut that may someday rise again to play a significant role in our forests. Until then though, we’re excited about the Chinese chestnut, a veritable bread tree, producing big yields of starchy nuts year after year. Identification […]