Monthly Archives: February 2016

Cracking the Golden Nut

The Nutty Buddy Collective is the official lessee of a beautiful piece of earth in the South Turkey Creek valley in Leicester, NC, beginning January 2016 and for the next 99 years.

You read that right: 99 years. After which time the lease will automatically self-renew.

Here we are, with our blessed lessor, Ileana Grams-Moog:


Ileana is holding a golden nut in the photo above. And here she is cracking that nut:


Stable land access for those who haven’t inherited it and for those who aren’t wealthy enough to buy it is a truly tough nut to crack.  Perennial agriculture holds enormous promise for climate and social resilience building, but it can only be achieved if those willing to invest themselves in it have long-term rights to tend the land. We’re excited to offer an example a creative solution to getting at this golden nut.